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Sonia Hassan


Sonia Hassan is Certified as a HeartMath Coach, a Massage Therapist, an Internationally Certified Infant Massage Educator as well as a Spiritual Healing Meditation Guide in the U.S. and in North Africa/Middle East. She has a Certificate from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism with a Major in Ministry.

Sonia's HeartMath Coaching offers solutions to both Children and Adults to lower stress, revitalize energy and restore mental, emotional and physical balance.

Her creative side is involved in the Arts and Music fusing social consciousness in Music events she produces uniting people. She earned an Associates degree in Fashion and Merchandising/Management from the Illinois Institute of Art.

Her volunteer work has been with Amnesty International as a Classroom Facilitator teaching students about Tolerance and Human Rights all of over the world.

Sonia also is a Student Motivator for Black Star Project in Chicago guiding inner city students through stress relief meditations addressing the trauma, fear and anger that many youth have been going through from  all the types of violence in the city of Chicago.

Sonia is constantly working on her self learning more and enriching her soul in order to be that conduit of light and healing for all she encounters.

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