At Roots Hair Salon, we love our community. We love to bring people together, advocate and support each other!
 Here are some local artists we love and would like to share with you. 


Heather McQueen

Ceramic Artist, Performer & Educator

An artist by trade, Heather also enjoys being a musician and a cave explorer.  She is known to be an excellent teacher and facilitator, and enjoys inspiring people to follow their dreams.  Heather’s claywork has been published (“From Mud to Music”, “500 Raku”) and featured in a nationally televised promo (US Cellular, 2010).  Her musical pursuits include percussion, especially of the Middle East & North Africa, where ceramic drums enjoy a longstanding tradition.  Outside of the studio, Heather appears frequently as a visiting artist at schools, museums and other venues in the Chicago area.  Photo: Dan Merlo Photography

lauren feece.jpg

Lauren Feece

Lauren Feece makes art to connect humans to each other, to nature, to power, to healing, to energy, to change.

Elain O'Sullivan

I now live and create in Chicago. I draw, photograph and make sculpture. My primary sculpture medium is porcelain fired to 2100f. My glazes are all designed to make the most of random /controlled interactions with my porcelain canvasses. Most works are fired multiple times to achieve  the required intent with the elements.

Also as a practicing Buddhist, my artwork is entwined with our human experience. The porcelain allows me to renders the beauty and chaos that we call our lives. 


Darrell Roberts

My painting process is not dissimilar to the continual push and pull on the growing metropolis; as crews raze a structure so others are building new projects. In the way a mark is applied, a color is laid down and then scraped up and moved away, only to let another layer build-up the painting.

Lamda Mahra

I am notably inspired by "mythology spanning across several cultures", urban arts, graffiti, and comic books, as well as Art Nouveau architecture, art, and jewelry. My work blends my passions in many unique ways. My love of nature and the female form is brought to life using a combination of my formal training and self-taught skills.

zitlali yunuhem A Las Alturas.png

Zitlali Yunuhem

Mexican born artist, ZITLALI YUNUHEM's work invokes the visual language of her people through the use of color, shape and material choice. As a Chicago based artist, she explores her cultural identity through a contemporary, urban, lovingly conscious lens. "Mi arte sirve como un acto de amor y resistencia para Pachamama y mis Antepasados."


henna by lola

Henna by Lola

Sheila Chandra is a Chicago-based henna artist, whose creations adorn the skin for a short time only.  Used in many cultures as a blessing and for health benefits, henna tattoos are unique and designed to fit the individual.